Belkin RockStar- multi plug-in head phone jack

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Have you ever had a five way with a Rockstar?

I’m fairly confident that I’ll never need to aurally hook up five people at once via headphone, but I’m equally confident that the iPod generation is already salivating over the prospect of getting Belkin Rockstars in their stockings this Christmas. 
Of course, you don’t need to use all five ports of the Belkin Rockstar.  This headphone hub comes in handy when you’re traveling with one or two other people that all want to hook into the same travel DVD player, iPod, or other audio device. What’s more, is that all the ports can be toggled between input or output functionality, so you can plug in multiple music players at the same time,  which might be handy if you use the hub as a multi switch for a stereo or speaker set-up.

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