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Nevada Stainless Steel Playing Cards


 Nevada Stainless Steel Playing Cards
The Stainless Steel Playing Cards from Touch of Ginger are not only the most exclusive and elegant set of playing cards available, they also double as class-A weapons capable of slicing to the bone; ok, not really.  Just because these beautiful laser etched English style playing cards are crafted from high grade stainless steel doesn’t mean they’re going to slit your hands open every time you deal a hand; they work the same as normal cards, they just look and feel nicer.

The highbred steel deck is the same thickness and size as a standard deck of paper cards, except that these elite cards will last forever and trick people into thinking you actually have some class and style. 

The full deck, including 2 jokers, comes in a foam lined black needle cord box, making it a fabulous gift for card sharks or anyone that enjoys superior quality.

  • Size – 140mm x 95mm
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Customisable – Yes
  • Packaging – Black Presentation Box
  • Full pack of cards including 2 jokers
  • Standard card size
  • Full pack weighs 1 kg

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