Essential Computer Gear for Recent Grads

With any luck, school campuses will fully reopen this fall, meaning many recent high school grads will soon be heading off to college. To help those incoming freshmen thrive during their first year on campus, we’ve put together a list of useful tech we think will benefit them in and outside of the classroom.

Essential: Laptop

Ask one hundred college students to name the one piece of tech they can’t live without. Half of them will tell you “laptop” and the other half will be wrong. A good, reliable laptop is arguably the most important and beneficial piece of tech a student can take with them to college. It doesn’t need to break the bank, but it does have to be dependable. In other words, a good laptop is one that will allow students to accomplish all their tasks—whether it’s taking notes in a class, writing a paper in the library, or finishing up a project back at their dorm—without any operational fuss or hiccups. B&H carries an exhaustive catalog of laptops, including models optimized for college students and even those in specific majors or fields of study.


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